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A thought of just a being:

“Kash”, a Hindi word, it representsregret over a few of the moments left without being lived up. This word can be discovered more explicitly with English phrase, “If only”.

I was inMumbai enjoying, my job, a simple life and very innocent moments with my relatives and friends. You could say moments of happiness were pervading everywhereand I thought I was much contented in, spending weekends withfriends, family and relatives expressing and exchanging emotional warmth.

A drop in a silent Pond:

So you see everything in life was running smooth with no regrets and no “Kash”. And it happened one day that my silent pond caught a drop of regret and the waves of “Kash” erupted, the waves of regrets got embedded in the lovely moments to be lived. To tell you in brief, I was on official tour to a nearby town and that got extended to a couple of days more. I was left with no choice, but to continue my stay out of the town and this inevitably made me invisible for my darling nephew on his birthday that evening.I had promised him of a cake-party in that evening and Alas! I was just on the verge of being a promise breaker. Since I had professional responsibilities pressing me hard and I was also eager and bounded to complete them, yet I also felt sorry for that sudden extension of travel on my personal front. I found myself stuck in the dilemma onpriority of emotional and professional responsibilities. However, I call one of mine friend to help me out, but he was also not in position to carry on my task. The task was to deliver that special cake to my nephew and to say that “The cake was sent by me”.

After my dinner, I called my Nephew to wish him for his great day. Yet I was in warm communications with him, but still I felt regretful over not fulfilling my promise. Thoughts flashed across and emotion undulated in mind and I felt restless over many issues connected to my life in totality. There was a feeling of “Kash”, feeling that if I could have sent him at least that Special Cake through anyone at this ninth hour.The “Kash” was burning on and on and eventually it grew bigger. I begin to think that there could be many people like me who are unable to express the true feeling of their heart and then they do live regret or a “KASH” over that moment for entire life.

A Seedling has appeared:

The very next day was a day to contemplate on the “KASH”. Few images appeared on my mental screen, few words begin to appear before me and few tracks I begin to see clear.
As I delved deeper in thoughts the vision became clearer and I was feeling more cherished and more elated with tangible ideas and plans.

Now for me the life was a giant moment that God has given me to enjoy and spread the resonance of jubilance.

Out of the Box:

Determination to fulfill the ideas started to fire my passion and more ideas oozed out like fresh aroma of life has sprung out from the morning fresh and recently bloomed flower. I was focused to live my life in my way and to spread happiness and to relieve to everyone as far as I could, from regret or a “KASH” taking over their happy moments.

A lot of questions were hovering in my mind when I sat down to think of removing the “KASH” from the lives of people.

How can I be able to let people not face the dilemma of professional and personal responsibilities that I had to bear along?

How can I be helpful in strengthening the relationships among peers, family, relatives etc that too if they are distance apart?

How can I be fulfilling gap of emotional warmth in the lives of people?

How I was capable enough to spread that choicest happiness in heart of world?

The Final Answer

Now what to do… and the idea that shoot out like an arrow was to do open up a service of so sort. But how,it was another question, whichstood before me. And, then there was a swarm of questions and answers with strength, weakness, opportunities and threats as well of the plans. A rigorous brainstorming, a mind bending thought process with all the calculations and presumptions, assumptions etc. generated some elixir of the exact work process to be followed.

The final answer was an obvious choice that was to start a service that could send flowers/ chocolates/ gifts as a token of love, emotional warmth and symbol of being together with loved ones. A service, that could be ordered from anywhere in the world.

And then “YUP FLOWERS” was an answer.

The Philosophy behind Yup Flowers is simple and clear, that is to remove the overpowering regret or “KASH” from the lives of people and allow them to strengthen the bond of happiness and cherish happy moments forever. Here we passionately involve in making the people happy through innovative gift ideas and very pretty gifts. None to second is our motto in delivery and quality of service we offer and we always strive hard to maintain that every moment.